Welcome to Illusion Chat

Welcome to Illusion Chat

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The newest and greatest chat to come to the internet.  Please wait for the chat to load...

Simple you cannot chat without having some rules.  and we feel its best to have them right where you can see them :) Should you ignore these rules you may find yourself banned from our chat.

  • Do not be disrespectful.  We do not enjoy having people acting like little fucks pissing people off if administrator or moderators have to tell you to knock it off more than 3 times you may fall under the category of "Annoying little fuck" 
  • Do not attack our server.  We have good defenses and we do use them but would rather not have to.  and remember karma is a bitch ;) eye for an eye guys.  
  • Cloning is forbidden we find out you have attacked us with mass connections then you will be banned with no exception.
  • Abuse is not tolerated by anyone.  we find that you're abusing anyone you're getting the boot asap.
  • Keep sexual conduct out of the main rooms what you do in your rooms on the other hand is up to you ;)
  • For mIRC access speak with Administrators.
Flooding is also forbidden as are bots keep em off our chat :) 

If you have a problem come to Support or message an administrator and we will get back to you as soon as possible thank you for coming to our chat and we hope you will bookmark it and bring your friends :)